Burmite Amber


Burmite is the name given to natural Amber found in the Hukawng Valley of Kachin State in northern Burma (Myanmar).


Burmite amber is known to be among the hardest and oldest amber found on earth.  Burmite amber dates back to the time of the dinosaurs, the Cretaceous Era, nearly 100 million years ago.


The range of fossils now being discovered in Burmite amber is very exciting for both collectors and scientists alike.  Burmite amber is giving us a window into the Cretaceous Era that no other amber or sedimentary rock can match.


We go to Myanmar personally and work directly with miners to select only the best pieces of Burmite amber.  The pieces are brought back to Bangkok where we carefully recut and repolish each specimen.


Page Updated April 15, 2021



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