Quality Natural Gemstones


We believe that gemstones should be beautiful. Our focus is to make each gem we produce as attractive as it can be. We have very skilled cutters who take pride in their work.


Our aim is not to produce the heaviest gems. The goal is to produce clean gems with ideal proportions, high polish, showing maximum brilliance and beauty. 


Page Updated May 28, 2019



Fluorescent Grossular

2019 Find in Madagascar

Oval, 0.68 Carats

Fluorescent Grossular

2019 Find in Madagascar

5.0 Round, 0.63 Carats

Natural Zircon

Fine Large Cambodian Colorless

Heated Oval, 12.64 Carats

Natural Tanzania Zircon

Slight Champagne Tone, Index Cutting

Heated Fancy Cushion, 7.30 Cts

Mozambique Pink Spinel

Large Dark Purple-Pink Buff-Top

Weak Star, 10.65 Cts

Mozambique Pink Spinel

Light Pink Pear Cab

Weak Star, 2.89 Cts

Mozambique Tourmaline

Orange-Pink 'Salmon' Tone

Nice Cutting, 3.72 Cts

Namibia Tourmaline

Good Blue Green, No Heat

Fancy Octagon, 2.04 Cts

Mali Garnet

Rare Large 12.7mm Round

Eye-Clean, 7.42 Cts

Burmese Amethyst

Even Light Purple Mogok Gem

Excellent Cutting, 49.90 Cts

Limonite in Topaz

Reflecting Needles

Burmese, 83.40 Cts

Natural Sapphire

Vivid Purple, Heated, with Cert

Sri Lanka, 1.76 Cts

Natural Sapphire

Reddish-Pink, No Heat, with Cert

Mozambique, 0.72 Cts


No Treatment, from Afghanistan

Rare Size, 0.96 Cts

Natural Sapphire

'Salmon' Color, No Heat, with Cert

Sri Lanka, 2.06 Cts


Loupe-Clean, Madagascar

Radiant Oct, 0.29 Cts

Natural Ruby

Mogok, 0.46 Cts

No Heat, + Small Cert

Russian Emerald

No Oil, with GIA Lab Report

Marquise, 0.97

Burmese Sapphire

from Mogok, 1.01 Cts

No Heat, + Small Cert

Violet Sapphire

Sri Lanka, 1.31 Cts

No Heat, + Small Cert

Rhodolite Garnet

Elahera, Sri Lanka

Loupe-Clean, 12.83 Cts

Natural Sapphire

Sri Lanka, 0.97 Cts

No Heat, + Small Cert

Burmese Sapphire

Flashy Light Pink, 2.21 Cts

No Heat, + Small Cert

Orangish-Pink Sapphire

Beautiful, Mada., 1.53 Cts

No Heat, + Large Cert

Natural Ruby

No Heat, 2 Lab Certs

Burmese, 0.698 Cts

Natural Zircon

Yellow-Gold, Clean

Heated, 5.37 Cts

Burmese Spinel

Purple-Pink, Brilliant

Oval, 1.73 Cts

'Imperial' Topaz

Brazil, Heated, 1.62 Cts

Yellow-Gold, NIce Stone

Burmese Moonstone

Faceted, 1.82 Cts

Clean Gem + Strong Sheen

Burmese Topaz

Nice Inclusions

from Mogok, 18.30 Cts

Burmese Moonstone

Buff-Top, 2.81 Cts

Faceted Base, Domed Crown